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dogeared connects latest update


dogeared connects Dear Dogeared Community,

this has been a week of awakening and awareness. we are saddened, and passionate about what we have allowed to be. the tenants of how we live our lives and how we run our company were rocked, and the opening presented to us was so huge. there is much more to do, and much more to consider, and much more to learn, and we are grateful to have the lane opened and illuminated. we want to be part of the solution and figure out how we fit into what is and what will come next both personally and as a company that cares deeply… understanding that we may not always get it right, but remembering that is how we grow. we will take the action that we can right now, working from where we are, knowing we will need to revise and evolve in the months and years ahead.

starting immediately, on our site, through our dogeared connects initiative- we will donate 100% of the proceeds of our “do all things with love” collection to black lives matter— they are true leaders in this movement, and have been for years. we stand with them.

For almost thirty years, you have shared what has been accomplished through your intentions and the power of believing. Let’s unite in this intention and believe we can change. Together we can create a universal culture of caring that will permeate to every community in every corner of the country… the time is now.

with love,
marcia + merlin and team dogeared

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