Penh Lenh Jewelry, A Dogeared Exclusive

“women can do anything!” 

- Hope for Justice STAR House Resident

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Dogeared is deeply committed to the work of Penh Lenh and its partner organization, Hope for Justice. Hope for Justice focuses on rehabilitation and partners with Penh Lenh in empowering, upholding freedom and creating the prospect of a new future for marginalized and at-risk young women in Cambodia. The collection is a result of this work – each jewel is handcrafted in Cambodia and represents the strength and beauty of the women creating them.

"When I first came to Cambodia and learned that the local term used for any marginalized woman was ‘broken girl’... I became undone.  It was in that moment that ‘Penh Lenh’ was truly born. An idea and a dream quickly became a necessity. Help us continue to make an impact."

- Rachel Dodson, Penh Lenh Program Founder

How Does Penh Lenh Operate?

Penh Lenh works to create a healthy, uplifting environment and to “meet each girl where she is at.” To round out this holistic approach, their training includes in-depth skill training plus life skills such as communication, goal setting and more. Every touch-point of the program aims to educate, empower and impact.

How Can You be a Part of Penh Lenh?

By embracing, sharing and wearing these jewels, you are supporting the young women of Penh Lenh and their courage to overcome and to find a new outlook on life. This support allows the women to seek opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. 100% of Penh Lenh’s product sales are reinvested into their social mission.

What's the Inspiration Behind The Collection

Rachel, the founder of Penh Lenh, worked closely with Srey Mao, Penh Lenh’s Lead Designer to build this collection. Mao is Khmer (Cambodian), so they collaborated to capture the feeling of Spring/Summer in the U.S. She created a collection for their customers as she envisions them – bright, beautiful and bold. She loves the idea that these jewels can be worn anywhere on any day… in LA or on vacation to carry out a look that’s light, adorned, loved and free.

Wearing Penh Lenh Jewelry

With Love

Rachel Dodson and Sarah Hale developed the vision of a jewelry line that would provide a sustainable living for at-risk women in Cambodia. They spent a year creating a strategic plan and launched in May 2013. Along with a small staff of 5, Rachel still lives in Cambodia overseeing the program and designing jewels.

Where the Heart Is

All of the jewelry is created in Cambodia. From the gold-plated chains, clasps and charms to the hand-made tassels and hand-sewn packaging, every part of the jewel is made and sourced locally from around Southeast Asia. Every thoughtful detail adds a meaningful element to the collection.

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With Purpose

Cambodia suffers from an underdeveloped youth population and significant gender inequalities. Penh Lenh empowers women with not only the skill of jewelry-making but also life and professional skills that will reduce the risk of exploitation. The program prepares young women to be valuable members of the global society.

our impact

Our commitment to empowering women is real.

Every month our employees contribute a combined $414 to support these young women's recovery efforts. 

9 young women have received greater education and vocational training through our support.

22 clients, ages 13-18, currently receive long-term residential treatment at The Dream Home.

100% of Dogeared's financial partnership with Hope for Justice has gone to supporting programs for women in Cambodia 

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